What is ViziGen-Page?


Display Google Ads

AdSense is Google's scheme whereby you get paid for displaying their adverts. You have to sign up for this, and having done so, you have to embed some special HTML markup in your web pages. This will be provided by Google and will cause their ads to be displayed on your pages.


As the Google markup has to go in every page it makes sense to place it in your templates. The general idea is that you create a location, within your template, that is going to house the adverts e.g. a ViziGen-Page Stack Box. The size and position of this will depend on the size of the ads you are going to display and the location, on your pages, where you want to display them.


Having created the stack box, select it on the Template Designer tab and then flip to the Globals tab. The stack box should be displayed as selected in the treeview on the Globals tab. To insert the Google markup do the following:

- Right click on the stack box and select "Create HTML Block..." from the context menu.

- Fill out the form that's displayed - in particular put the Google code in the field labelled "HTML Block".

- Regenerate your web site and upload it to your web server.

- Check your web pages in a web browser.

Please note that ViziGen-Page itself isn't able to display the Google ads.

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