What is ViziGen-Page?


Embed YouTube Videos

The first thing to do is to make your video and upload it to YouTube. Then you would obtain your "embed" code from YouTube. To do this you would play your video on the YouTube web site - underneath the video player you will see "Share" tab - click on this and then click on the "Embed" tab. Your embed markup will be displayed. Simply copy it to the clipboard.

Then, within ViziGen-Page, display the web page upon which you want to feature the video. Choose the location, on the web page, where you want the video player to be shown and select some space for, and create, a Stack Box. Make the Stack Box the same width as your video (this will be featured in the embed code). With the Stack Box still selected go to the Page Tree tab. The Stack Box will be selected in the treeview on the left hand side of the window. Right-click on it and select "Insert HTML Block...". Fill out the form, and in particular paste the embed code into the HTML Block field, and then click on the Create button.

Having done all that go to the Web Site Files tab, generate your web site, upload it to your web server, and then display the web page in a web browser and check that everything looks okay.

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