What is ViziGen-Page?


Extras - Custom HTML

Web pages, so far as a web browser is concerned, are essentially text files containing code written in Hyper-Text Markup Language (HTML). Web pages produced using ViziGen-Page are no different - it's just that ViziGen-Page writes the HTML for you. However ViziGen-Page only enables you to do a subset of everything that's possible using HTML. Fortunately a means of embedding your own HTML into ViziGen-Page templates and web pages has been provided.


If you have the appropriate technical skills you will be able to write your own HTML, to do whatever you want. Alternatively you can obtain the appropriate HTML code to use from some other source - like Google or YouTube. Whatever the situation you should be able to embed custom HTML code in a ViziGen-Page template or web page. The videos featured in this web site were inserted into their pages using this technique.


Please click on the buttons above to learn more about some of the extra capabilities you can add to your web pages. Please note that these are just examples - the possibilities are limitless.

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