What is ViziGen-Page?


How Nav Bars are Styled in ViziGen-Page

Navigation Bars are a standard method for making it easy for a visitor to find his, or her, way around a web site.  Within ViziGen-Page you can set the style of:

(a) Nav bars themselves.

(b) The text of nav bar links.

(c) The button, panel, or background styling of nav bar links.

All of this configuration is performed on the Globals tab by filling out simple forms. When you want to create a nav bar and/or links you do so by selecting the appropriate styles from a combo box. If you later modify the settings of your nav bar and/or link styles the changes are automatically applied to everything that uses them. This makes it very easy to change the appearance of your web site.

Please watch the video above to see how simple it is to style your Nav Bars when using ViziGen-Page.

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