What is ViziGen-Page?


How Panels are Styled in ViziGen-Page

The layout of templates and web pages is controlled using "boxes". These boxes can contain other layout boxes, or content boxes for text or photos, or navigation controls. You can style these boxes in various ways. You can give them a plain colour, a background image (possible tiled), or a special "panel" effect (called a Box Effect in ViziGen-Page).

These Box Effects are configured on the Globals tab and come in two varieties:

- You can fill out a form that tells ViziGen-Page exactly what you want and it will create the effect for you.

- You can supply the graphical image yourself.

Whichever method you use, ViziGen-Page will resize it as needed no matter what size box you want to use it on. If you later modify the settings of a Box Effect the changes are automatically applied to everything that uses it. This makes it very easy to change the appearance of your web site. Please watch the video above to see how to both create and use Box Effects.

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