What is ViziGen-Page?



Templates are a starting point for web pages. If you have a set of web pages with the same basic layout you would capture that layout in a template and use it for each of the pages - adding custom content as needed for each web page.

The process for editing templates is identical to that for editing pages - except that you can feature what are called "Page Content Boxes" on templates. At the web page level the Page Content Boxes are the only areas that can be modified. They can contain other layout boxes, content boxes for text and images, or nav bars - so there is considerable freedom for enhancing the original template layout when customising a web page for its specific purpose. The height of Page Content Boxes can be altered at the web page level to accommodate whatever you want to put in them - but the width is fixed. If you later change a template every web page that uses it will be automatically updated. This makes it very easy to modify the appearance of your web site.

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